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Senior Citizen Exercise Class

Thursday 11:00 am


Gentle yoga focused on joint lubrication and maintanence of physical and mental wellbeing.  Lucie is guiding each position in harmony with breath, respecting each and everyone limits. It shows that age plays no role in yoga. Even 80 yrs old can do more complexed positions with time and just the right effort and dedication.  There is no better physical and mental activity that sinks deep into the soul than yoga for our elderly. I personally consider this class loving and compassionate in particular as the elderly, simply out of reality of life, go through many pains and see life from different perspective as it is dawning. It is never too late to join us into our class!
Jemna aktivizujici joga zamerena na lubrikaci a udrzeni fyzickeho a mentalniho zdravi. Lucie vede kazdou pozici v harmonii s dechem, s respektem k individualitam a limitum kazdeho studenta. Je dokazane, ze vek nehraje v joze zadnou roli. I v 80 letech je mozne zvladnout narocnejsi pozice casem, s mentalnim a duchovnim usilim a zodpovednosti. Pro starsi studenty, neni lepsi aktivity pro telo a mysl, ktere pronika az do duse nez je joga pro seniory. Ze vsech lekci, ktere vedu, tato lekce "pluje na vlne soucitu a lasky". Seniori, jak vypliva z podstaty zivota prirozene prochazeji mnoha

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