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Breathe In, Breathe Out

EVALUATION - here we determine Your Prakruti (Mother nature constitution) and Vikruti (your immediate constitution). The aim of Ayurveda is BALANCE. In order to reach balance state, explanation of natural energies, how they influence us, adjustment in your dieting, and overall life style, such as activities, free time, meditation, yoga, etc will be done.

DETOXIFICATION - is very important part of Ayurveda and in dependence on your condition, together we will detoxification program to reach the balance, not creating more imbalance. 

COUNCELLING - this is very important part of Ayurveda. Unlike the modern councelling, it is not just about listening, but explaining why and finding what could be done. It is very active ongoing process that together with adjustments in other fields of life and detoxification, yoga classes and treatments brings fairly quick results. Of course, time is irrelevant, so please let put the question of  "How long it will take..." aside. This is wonderful journey with beginning, and no destination, towards WELLBEING. 

TREATMENTS - different treatments are inevitable part of Ayurveda. particular treatment depends on needs, purpose. It is to be determine during evaluation. 

YOGA CLASS - you can always join any public class. If you prefer for whatever reason private class, feel free to discuss with me. 

MEDITATION - it is the key to subtle, clear and happy mind. It is part of every yoga class, however sometimes with some clients it shall be taken slowly, cautiously and build the ability to focus gradually.  

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Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation

This page is just and only for You. Unlike the public classes, once you get here, it is just about you, as an Individual. At some point, we all need advise. And it is not difficult these days to get those. About what to eat. How to exercise. But is it all that makes us to be who we are? My goal to determine WHO YOU ARE in respect of MOTHER NATURE. To help you to understand yourself, grow compassion and loving kindness towards yourself. 

Ayurveda is the only holistic medicine, not alternative medicine. It have foundation to both Chinese and modern, allopatic medicine.  In its amazing complexity it provides answers to all questions, and together with Yoga gives perfect wholesome guideline for your life and your family. 

It is not easy at first. Many information you have never heard about, new connections you thought that might exist and yet,,,,,, they really do. 

I can talk or write about it pages, and you will not grasp the real essence unless we sit together face to face. There is not health or life issue that cannot be solved. By treating yourself kindly in harmony with nature, you not just nurture yourself, but those around as well. 


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